Founder Message

Aarti Sonawane

I have a great pleasure in introducing you to our Amazingkids Nursery. The School reflects our vision to become a Centre of Excellence comparable to the best in the world for producing professionals with leadership quality in technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and management.

Amazingkids Nursery is different from other business schools in several ways. One of the unique features is the concept of Social Internship, undertaken by the students, which sensitizes them to the social issues. The School offers opportunities to specialize concurrently in the functional areas of management as well as in the select industry verticals.

For realizing the vision, we stand committed to provide outstanding guidance, leadership, faculty, physical infrastructure and alliances with leading business schools in the world.

I invite you to experience a different business school environment and help us make a difference to our society.


Aarti Sonaware
Founder Chancellor of Amazingkids Nursary